Tor Browser for Android Alpha

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  • Version: 68.10.1

A Mobile Browser that Focuses on Privacy and Security

Tor Browser for Android Alpha is a privacy and security-focused mobile browser. It is backed by the Tor Project, the group that's renowned for making tools that focus on online privacy and freedom.

Security and Privacy

Tor Browser isolates every site you visit so that third-party ads and trackers do not follow you. After you are done browsing, the cookies would automatically clear too. The browser also mitigates others from eavesdropping your connection and finding out the sites you visited. This security-focused browser wants to make all its users appear the same. It doesn’t want you to develop an identity based on your device and browser information. Using Tor Browser ensures your traffic gets encrypted and relayed three times while passing over Tor.

User Base

The Tor Browser for Android is made for all who value their online privacy. The browser shsll come in extremely handy for people who work as journalists in dictatorship regimes or are in defense forces. There are more than a million people actively using this browser, and the positive reviews online indicate the browser’s authority and functioning. As aforementioned, the Tor Browser for Android is a product of renowned and reliable people who have created successful services such as Orfox, Orweb, Orbot, and Tor desktop browser in the past. Needless to say, these people are working non-stop to enhance the functioning aspects of this mobile browser.


  • Extremely safe and secure
  • Unblocks censored websites
  • Nice introduction wizard
  • Works with older Android OS versions


  • Default security slider not set to ‘safe’
  • Typewriter font not reader-friendly
  • The complicated network could slow down website loading speeds
  • Could be buggy when working with multiple tabs

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Tor Browser for Android Alpha


Tor Browser for Android Alpha 68.10.1

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